STAREF, a company established in 2013 is now a wholly owned subsidiary of STS Group. Previously a Joint Venture company, STS Group acquired 100% shares in the company in 2022 which also combines the services of Majan Aluminium Services L.L.C (MASCO), under one umbrella.

STAREF provides specialist maintenance services to Qatalum in Qatar, for the 2nd generation pot relining service contract which is inclusive of all refractory and mechanical refurbishment of 704 pots in which liquid aluminium is produced. Additional services included pot delining, superstructure and potshell repair, operation and maintenance of the cathode rodding shop, provision of manpower for pot start up, anode baking furnace refractory maintenance, holding furnace repairs, anode stem repair and refurbishment. The 3rd generation, Qatalum pot relining service contract, was awarded to STAREF in 2019.

STAREF has also expanded into Saudi Arabia having successfully executed a 3-year term potshell maintenance contract for Ma’aden Aluminum and was awarded a 4+1 year framework agreement in 2019 for the complete ‘hot to hot’ mechanical and refractory maintenance of pots in two potlines. STAREF has also provided anode stem refurbishment services to Ma’aden and basement cleaning, removing an average of 1,200 T/month.

In addition, STAREF executed a potroom recovery project in the Sultanate of Oman for Sohar Aluminum as well as refractory services for the Sohar mining sector.

STAREF has experience in AP, DX and DX+Tecnology busbar fabrication.

Complete Hot to Hot Reduction Services

  • Delining
  • Potshell Repair
  • Superstructure Repair
  • Furnace Rebuild
  • Relining
  • Pot Cut Out & Installation
  • Cathode Sealing
  • Basement Cleaning
  • Maintenance Services
  • Anode stem fabrication and refurbishment
  • Fabrication and machining of Aluminum bus bars which includes Cell bus ring, Anode beam and Risers
  • Fabrication and Site installation of DC-DS busbars for Rectifier –Transformer

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