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STS provides Omani engineers with UK certified CSWIP certification and training

STS provided training to Omani Quality control engineers and inspectors for the CSWIP 3.1 certification and training program as part of the Omani staff development program. As part of this program, Omani Graduates were trained as welding inspectors for the Oil & Gas industry.

As part of Omani staff development programme, STS Oman extended training to Omani Quality control engineers and inspectors for the UK certified CSWIP 3.1 and training programme.

During the course of this training, 16 Omani Graduate Engineers, who are working with STS under different projects were selected and trained for a period of six months by the quality department of STS, to get acclimatised to the exam curriculum, under the supervision of the welding manager. The graduates were trained as welding inspectors for the oil and gas industry. After an internal assessment, 12 qualified engineers were selected and sponsored by STS for the CSWIP 3.1 training and certification programme, organised by TWI, UK, in Muscat. The engineers attended 10 days of external training, a TWI seminar, and a written exam.

“We congratulate the engineers for completing the training, undergoing their examination and demonstrating their abilities to achieve this certification. These certified welding inspectors will be able to provide quality inspection services to our customers,” according to Mr. M A Reji - STS General Manager Quality.

Rejeesh Mani, Chief Executive Officer, STS said: “STS Group has worked in Oman for more than four decades and is focused on delivering in-country value through the employment and training of local people, in addition to use of local suppliers and the procurement of local goods. We remain firmly focused on maximising local and sustainable delivery, generating in-country value, and playing our part in the Oman’s energy sector for years to come.”

STS is proud to support the economic diversification and Oman Vision 2040 of the Sultanate by creating career opportunities and providing a working environment where Omani nationals are able to achieve satisfying career development.