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STS Group achieves exemplary feat in PDO contracts

STS Group achieved 2 years and 23 million LTI-free man-hours in its PDO Maintenance and Integrity Contract North (MICN) contract and one year and 15 million LTI-free man-hours in the PDO Project Delivery Contract South (PDCS)  contract as of November 2023. These accomplishments stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication of STS management, employees, including subcontractors, and their steadfast commitment to the highest standards of HSE in both contracts. 

STS Group received HSE awards from PDO for these HSE milestone achievements at a spectacular award ceremony held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Qurum on November 26, 2023. The ceremony was attended by the management and staff from PDO and STS. PDO DPM awarded the HSE plaques to STS's Managing Director and the Contract Managers of MICN and PDCS. In his address, PDO DPM Mr. Said Maktoomi congratulated all the stakeholder groups for the remarkable HSE achievement and expressed that achieving many more such milestones in the contracts were possible.

In his opening speech, STS Managing Director, Mr. Alex Clark commended the PDO, STS, and partner employees who contributed to the HSE milestone achievement and encouraged all to put in extra efforts to sustain this exemplary HSE performance throughout the contracts. He appreciated the project management team's positive and collaborative HSE culture prevailing in their contracts and mentioned that HSE is a shared responsibility. 

The STS Contract Manager, Mr. Alaa Aldin Fayez presented a short presentation on the journey of the MICN and PDCS contracts since inception in May 2021. The award ceremony concluded with cake-cutting and lunch. 

STS Group achieves exemplary feat in PDO contracts