HDPE Lining

United Special Technical Services LLC (USTS)

USTS is a Joint Venture between United Pipeline Systems and STS. USTS provides Tite Liner®, which is the world’s leading thermoplastic lining system for protecting pipelines from corrosion and internal abrasion. USTS has completed projects for major companies such as Saudi Aramco, British Petroleum, Kuwait Oil Company, Petroleum Development Oman, Occidental Petroleum, Daleel Petroleum, Qatar Petroleum and ADNOC..

  • Specializing in Pipeline Protection and Rehabilitation Services
  • HDPE lining for new and existing pipes
  • Tite Liner®, Safety Liner™, Loose Liner
  • WeldTiteTM Flangeless Connector
  • Rotational Lining (aka Roto Lining)
  • High temperature applications
  • Shop Lining for fittings
  • PTFE Lining for Fittings
  • Freestanding HDPE Piping Systems
  • HDPE Sheet Lining
  • Pond Lining

The corrosion and abrasion resistance properties of thermoplastic allow the Tite Liner® system to protect pipelines from a variety of chemicals and abrasives through a broad range of temperatures and pressures. The addition of Rotational Lining of fittings completes the capability of a full turn-key offering to our Clients.

Since 1985, our experienced teams have successfully installed over 30,000 km of HDPE lining ranging from 2” to 52” in diameter and pressure rating up to ANSI 2500 across 30+ countries in the six continents.


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